I'm not sure if this is the right forum but here goes

Can I and how do I get the head of a half stack to work separately?

Half stack is a Randall RX120RH if it matters
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Quote by wesselbindt
By separately, do you mean without a cab? Because that's impossible, I believe.

Only way I know of that you can do that is if you plug headphones into the head, than a cab isnt needed. Other than that, I dont think you can.
Plugging a head into the back of a combo amp doesnt work. You can, and most likely will damage your amp(s) by doing that
Wait, wait... you have a Gibson '67 re-issue, and you didn't know that you can't use your head without a cab? (fair enough you can use a loadbox etc)
Lemme explain. The head of an amp is the complete amp with no speakers. The cab is a box with speakers mounted in it. So since the head doesn't have speakers, it can't play by itself.

Now, as for the headphones thing, do most stacks have a headphone jack? Or would you have to get a pair of headphones that hooks into where you hook the cab on the back of the head? ehh nevermind, just rambling now. Hope you understand TS.