Man, i was going to write something so interesting!

well. . . i got (super high) like almost 2 hours ago, and i've been playing guitar and thinking about **** like crazy! So now i'm too lazy to think more about the interesting thing so i can write about it. . sorry! but keep reading.

Anyways, how's school? How are things? I'm moving out tomorrow and **** be crazy! *pew pew*

P.S. i was trying to say something to keep kids from smoking cannabis (like right now), so like. .
if you chose psychedelic drugs it's more fun when you got your **** done, and like the crazier the drug, the more **** has to be done! That being sad, cannabis can still be pretty crazy! so yea, i'm still high. . . *pew pew*.

I dunno, who here likes blazing and playing guitar?! It's such a passtime of mine!

Man i said **** a lot. .

mention any opinions you have about cannabis!
Excuse me?

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I'm not sure what's going on here or who was phone...


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Pew pew?
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i mean like literally crazy on psychedelic drugs. It's pretty intriguing how the chemicals have no physical effect at all , but it's like a mind alterer. .

i'm talking about the psychedelics that fall into this category, like they're the ones who are intriguing for this reason, although i guess all drugs are intriguing just for being a mind alterer, these are just the special ones where almost all the logical argument is based on psychological effects. I guess that it doesn't have to be just psychedelics but any drug! (if you go to 'anything' after going from 'psychadelic drugs' to 'drugs it's not as intriguing anymore) Whatever, i'm going to sleep, wake up not stoned. . Peace!

Sorry this was so dull, it would've killed in person!
i dunno who was phone either

and pew pew is like the laser gun noise.

and you know, it's hard to say all THC is bad 'cause of the way it goes through us, so in the end if vaporizors were everywhere only those who wanted to see their mind altered would use them. BUT this would only be possible in a utopia, where NO ONE had a problem with getting high off THC, 'cause it was like taught so well and they figured it out or whatever.

but yea if it was legalized, we'd have to somewhat approach that utopia just 'cause it's such touchy subject. Like with god and stuff. . .
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yep blazing is fun
i only do it 'cause of guitar though, i hardly ever tokeee if i don't got a guitar.

and believe you me, that gets tough if you blaze a lot, making sure of **** and stuff, it's too boring! you're not disciplined when you blaze. . . that last sentence was just like a conjecture.