I was just searching through possible power amp and effect unit combonations when i came across the flextone 3 xl, which i had looked at getting before i bought my ENGL. I need a poweramp as well as an effects unit for my preamp, as i am borrowing my mates amp atm. I was wondering if this is a possible solution to my problems for the short term, with money being tight, and is so, how would i go about setting everything up (without amp/cab models while using preamp).
I am also considering those, but the flextone is a combo, so i dont need to buy a cab aswell, so if i had to do that I would go over my budget tbh
I can't find a good picture of the back of the amp online, but it looks like it has an effects loop.
If so, you should be able to go straight from your tube pre-amp output to the effects loop return of the amp, which will bypass the amp's preamp section.
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