Hey does anyone here have any experience with a Graphics Tablet, im not sure if that is what they are commenly known as.
What i want to do is draw up summary sheets for my maths subjects at uni, and store them on the computer. This will make it easier than having them on paper in a folder because it means i wont have to search through hundreds of sheets of paper. Can someone tell me if a graphics tablet would be suitable for this use, and whether i will need any special software for it. Also if your going to say i should just type it, it is very difficult to add all the symbols and type fractions ect. Any help would be appreated i have found one on ebay for $35 aus. So i can probably give it a try and if its not what i imagined its only $35.
I assume you're talking about those Wacom writing pads. If you are, then you don't need any software, other than drivers (I think). That is of course, if you're looking to write your notes in MS Word or something, I don't think you'll be able to do that. Photoshop or MS Paint will work right out of the box though. I think you can find software made for a tablet laptops though and just use your writing pad thingy with that.
i recently bought i cheap one of ebay and tbh its not waht i expected, im using it for drawing and its not that great to be honest but maybe i havnt gotten used to it yet but id imagine for doing maths work it would be relitivly simple to use. i currently just use mine in photoshop and just plug it in and it works instantly, it fundamentally just takes over your mouse but you can still use your ordinary mouse & keyboard as well so as long as you can use a program where you can draw free lines with a mouse and have a function where you can type in symbols im sure a tablet would help.
yea man, pen tablet, graphics pad, drawing tablet. They are called many different things
My friend uses them for almost anything. It's like a second mouse. I'm too uncoordinated to write legibly on them.


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they are the best for RTS games, but they make your hand sore after a while. they are good for drawing too...
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Only buy a wacom.others are a waste of money and time, IMO.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.
I've got a wacom bamboo and it's pretty cool, takes a while to get used to though, so don't be too suprised if your drawing suck for the first few hours.
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