Hey pit. I have a black, 160gig iPod classic, I've had it since last christmas so just over a year. I've filled up like roughly 40% of the hard drive, and as it became more full I noticed that it worked a little slower, freezed once and a while etc. No big deal.

But now it's doing this thing where it's frozen, kind of. I can still scroll up and down, and it recognizes when I switch the lock on or off. But when I try to push the buttons (Menu, Play, Skip etc) it doesn't recognize it no matter how hard I push or how many times. It's really annoying, because basically it renders the iPod completely useless as I'm unable to select or play anything at all. It takes me an hour each way to get to and from school and I really depend on this thing, so any help with the problem would be hugely appreciated, thanks.

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P.S: Also, for the last week or so, it's been stuck on maximum volume, and if I turn it down, it just creeps back up to max again right away. It's not that bad because I can just use the volume lock to keep it at roughly the right volume, but it's still irritating, so if you could help with that too that would be great.
Flush it down the toilet. Buy a new one.

Seriously though...

Flush it down the toilet.



It's possibly faulty. Alot have had problems like that, where the scroll wheel seems to fault up. Ring up Apple, see what their customer support says.
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Oh hey sorry. I didn't realize there was an iPod thread, and also I didn't know my thread got deleted I thought I just accidentally closed it or something. My bad. Thanks for what almost sounded like help... haha ( :
erm, get a zune. i have one and its cool. just do yourself a favor and do not get the one thats the size of a brick.
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