I was watching president obamas speach the other night and i thought he came across as someone who`s going to make an effort and a difference and then i saw a speach by our priminister Gordon brown and couldn`t help but think he`s lying through his teeth and not telling the whole story , when you look at obama you`ve got to wonder how on earth did bush ever get in? who was the competition?
yes all six strings buzz !! but it`s unique isn`t it
Gordon Brown is a bloody idiot and not fit to run a take away. Bush was also totally incompetent, just like the people he was running against.
this is why you need to put black people in charge.
I have no opinion on this matter.
his competition was these guys:

one is a robot, no one knows about the other, he flip flopped alot
also 2nd time he kept mentioning terrorism and used words like fear, and terror, and isms and it won people over
Without spiritual mentoring, too much freedom can lead to the soul's decay
- Prince
2nd guy there's entire speech was about his purple hearts. Yes, congratulations on being so useless that you got shot the most times!