Right now I have and Epiphone Les Paul Studio. The pickups sound like utter ****, and my birthday is just around the corner. I've been researching pickups, and this one seems like my best bet. The only problem is, I'm wondering if it's worth it to upgrade. My amp is a peavey studio pro 112 combo. Its not a bad amp, and I've used it many times at gigs, and its held up. The sound I'm aiming for is an Angus Young/Slash/Metallica tone. So should I go for it?

Edit: Oh yeah, and I have a Digitech rp250 pedal which I use frequently, If that makes any difference.
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They should sound great -- Once you get a better amplifier, that is.

I swap out all stock pups for SD's -- although I usually use the JB4/SH2 combo, SH6 Mayhems, or P-Rails (depending on the guitar).

Your money would be better spent upgrading your amp, then worry about new pups.
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New amp, buying pickups will just be a waste of money with barely any difference made.

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New amp, buying pickups will just be a waste of money with barely any difference made.

the peavey transtubes are pretty good amps on a budget i think. Well, they aren't "bad". To be honest, when it's epiphones you're talking about, even if you do have an amp which new pickups wouldn't sound better through at the moment, it's worth getting new pickups anyway. Because epiphone stock pickups imo can be so crap that even through a good amp the tone can be crap unless you replace them or modify them in some way.
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