I recorded them with my 15 Dollar Headset and Audacity.
The Quality isn´t very good but tell if you like them.v
tihnk i prefer acoustix , but i noticed listenin to them that they're both in the same key , you might wanna experiment in other keys aswell to add variety. were all a bit bored of metallica in E and avenged sevenfold in Drop D , catch my drift?
The quality was rather lacking, and the chord progression has been used by pretty much every acoustic artist in the world at one point or another (I think I've used it on no less than five occasions ) You could really do with some vocals

For Rooots, I found the overall sound a little edgy - it's as if the song was waiting to change to something a bit more familiar. It's okay for an acoustic jam though, but I'd try and make a "main riff" or a chord change that promotes familiarity with the piece

Overall, keep trying and you might want to try singing

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I agree with gallagher2006 and think with some vocals these songs will sound great. There are some timing issues and maybe the chord progressions could be made a little more interesting but overall I really liked the songs, they have a nice mood. So yeah maybe try out some new chords in the progressions or a capo if you're having trouble playing in different keys.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1078036