Pit, I am troubled, and I come seeking not advice, but opinion.

I would not touch the stuff myself, but every one of my friends seems to do or have done it. One in particular is causing me trouble, but I don't care to elaborate.

I don't quite get the point if doing it though.

Is it for enjoyment? fun? If so, what's so un-fun about life? What stops you from having fun without weed?

Is it for a buzz? Why not do something less detrimental?

Things like this I fail to understand, possibly because I enjoy my life far too much.
So hopefully the pit will be able to explain why.

There has to be a reason why people do it.

So i 'spose,

tldr - why do you do weed?

Also, something that would be equally helpful, (for those who don't) Why do you NOT do weed?
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The same reason anyone does anything in their free time; they enjoy it.

I used to do weed but after several bad times and a lot of friends spending all of their cash on it, I decided to stop. It was fun while it lasted but I just use alcohol for buzzes now.
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Why do people drink, why do people smoke, why do people jump out of airplanes with a sheet of plastic attached to their back?
I don't; due to my health, I can not (nor do I want to) smoke anything.

If I could, I'd definitely try it, just for the sake of it. I've heard a lot about it.
I don't because I don't like the idea of any form of thought control.
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