I've tabbed the whole thing(on Guitar pro) but i dont know anything about drums so is there anyone that could help me? PM your email/Msnger to me and I will send the tabs to you so you can work on it.

thanks for your help,
I insist that someone should take a look at it!
it was never tabbed before and im going to tab "Ion" from the same album after this but I need someone to help me with the drums!

the reason why im not submitting it anyway because i want to cover it on a guitar and then share it.
Why don't you just, not put in the drum beat and people will do their own...
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cuz im covering the whole thing on a guitar, its stupid but im actually worried that if i put it now... until i get the drum track, someone could beat me to it

like think about it, no apocalyptica song was ever covered on a guitar(and put on youtube)... not one apocalyptica song was tabbed from their last album

I'll make sure that the drums tabber will be given credits for it