Hey, I want a new guitar and I'd like its body and neck to have a lot of decoration and detail. Or, I'd like a guitar with an interesting shape. Can anyone suggest a brand which would match one or both of these categories?

I'm left-handed, so it must be available for lefties.
assuming you don't care what it sounds like, since you are only buying a guitar for its looks (number 1 thing NOT to do) go with a B.C. Rich, it looks cool, it's nice and pointy, and sounds like crap
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What geanre do you play? What is your budget? Since you came to UG I assume u play metal so look at the BC Rich warlock.
Cort have just released a couple of their X series as limited editions with amazing graphics by Sam Shearon. They are on their main site but no pricing yet.
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A realy nice guitar is a fools sg
yes a vintage guitar..
http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/shop/flypage/product_id/33910 its only 620 pound
dont know if its available in the us though
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+1 to the corts.

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