I'm looking for a guitar with :
- P90 pickups
- 22 frets
- double-cut body
- mahogany or basswood body would be best
- $600-$1000

I'm play mainly blues, classic rock and heavy rock.
My amp is a Traynor YCS50.

Any recommandations on this ?

How about a Lep Paul Junior or a Les Paul Melody Maker.I have a 59' Les Paul Junior and it has a p-90, and its great and yese, its a real 59

Looks like it fits your description... except the P-rails, but they are supposed to sound like real P-90s so it shouldn't be too much of a problem

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Godin LG SP90 would suit your needs. Their made in North America and are with in your price range.Mahonay body and neck,maple top,rosewood fretboard, 22 jumbo frets,24 3/4" scale and 2 SP90-3 pickups. paid $400 including gig bag new.