Started a new band recently, and of the demos we've recorded over the past few weeks, I think this is the best - it still needs bass added to it though

It's called "Dark Smiles" and is in the big link in my sig

Thanks for any comments and (please) leave a comment on the page. We've in the running for a festival slot and the (retarded) music promoter only books you if you're particularly popular on myspace ¬_¬

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type as i listen:

cool intro, seems very movie-esque

good chord choices, the guitar in the background adds for a nice touch

were you playing to a metronome? it seems a little off

ah the strings in the back are very nice, i really like it

this has a very nice feel to it, perfect for an intro

oh wow didnt expect drums and such, nice. you guys have a beatles-esqu type singing going on

if you rerecord this, try and keep the rhythm more solid

good dynamics, and structure as a whole

overall very nice. quality was rough if you were going for an album type quality, what stood out was the originality of it, which is always a plus :-D

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dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

yeah not bad...i think its really good for this genre bvut i dont like this genre...but the guitar and the vocals sounds really amazing
Pretty high quality production on the recording side of things. Except when the vocals and drums come in I didn't like that.

I like how every so often in the intro, new instruments were added and the single note being repeated on the piano is a pretty good idea, however when the vocals kick in they get a bit overshadowed by the piano.

At some parts its a bit off beat which may just be due to the recording (lag etc) but overall not too bad.

I can see what your going for and it is pretty cool

The intro was a bit long for my liking but when the main part of the song kicked in it was pretty cool.

1:35 - 2:10 ish reminds me of Run by Snow Patrol a bit.

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I'll type as I listen also...

Repetitive piano's maybe a little too loud and attacky? Still good, love the guitar flourishes and effect on it.

Not a huge fan of the choir/strings keyboard effect, a little too 80's for my taste, but it definitely works with the song.


Singing may need to be a little stronger, but the melody is perfect.

Only real complaint is that there's no distinction between a verse and a chorus? It just kind of one big chorus. Or verse.

Sweet idea for the outtro, going back into the intro.

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The two guitars are copied and set slightly out of sync to give the guitar a kind of "wavey" texture. I've yet to add bass guitar to the mix, so the drum machine will sound a little on the high side. I apoligise if the vocals don't fit your description of "good" but that's just teh way I sing

I haven't forgotten about your guys songs btw, my laptops speakers are broken. I WILL crit back once I get it fixed next week.

Thanks for critting guys
The intro was pretty cool. Really atmospheric. I like when the drums come in, but I didn't really like the vocals too much. Just my opinion though I guess. And the piano thing that lasts through the whole song and changes like once lol I found that kinda annoying sometimes, but good job anyway.

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