I tried talking to people about this yesterday and it totally confused me.

Basically I want to build a guitar I've found a body and a neck. Here's a link if you're curious.HERE!
The thing is though my budget is around £400 at the most so ya know.
So, I've never done this before and I don't know much about this. Can someone please help!!!!!
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Specific questions?

The body and neck is rather cheap, would make me wary that it sucks.

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What floyd rose should I put on it?
What are some great humbuckers?
How it all works?
I've got the paintjob sorted though haha.
I play mostly metal and this is exactly what i want this guitar to be for and performing
O, and about the body and neck if its that cheap what could be wrong with it?


take your £400

and buy a guitar from a store

thats really going to be a peice of ****
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i heard the Edge bridges are good (their on ibanez guitars) or you could always get a realy floyd rose which is probably alot of money.. pickups hmm.. if you want cheep good humbuckers for metal.. get the seymour duncan blackout metals.. their active pickups for about 180$? keep in mind they destroy your clean sound and distort the hell outta it. you could try an invader set which can be coil taped for your cleans. and it said the bodys mahogany which is a great wood.. also the randy rhodes shape owns.. if i were you id defiantly buy it it would be a great experience even if the guitar didnt come out to well.. hope i helped !!
That's kind of a low budget.
And that's the least expenseive/cheapest body+neck I've ever seen.
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That isn't a build. That's putting things together. And don't get it, it's prolly crap.
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