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If you guys could have one persons 100% attention and jam time for one whole week! even during meal times and drinking who would you choose?

Jimi Hendrix
Joe satriani
David Gilmour
Brian may
David grissom
John petrucci

I would choose one of those. But probably Gilmour!

Malmsteen would be pointless lol
John Frusciante
or my guitar teacher
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Paul Gilbert, no doubt.

EDIT : Also, isn't this more like.. A thread that belongs in "The Pit"? :s Sounds like soo.. ^-^ Nvm if I'm wrong.
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Satriani thank u very much...
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I´d choose one who makes a better balanced list.
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Well, right now probably Kirk Hammett- just cause the new metallica album is great and I'm dying to know how to master the art of chugging.

just palm mute to ****
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Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane or Marty Friedman.

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buckethead, but he cant wear the mask and has to act normal.

if not, satch ftw
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Paul Gilbert, because he's a fun guy, not some jerk who thinks he carries the world when he puts his dick in the ground.
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Well having him for only 1 week is pretty pointless, 1 month or 1 year would be a start.


Vai may be, but I think he'd be quite anoying lol

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Satriani, he seems like a very nice person and he is good at guitar.
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Randy Rhoads for sure.

Dave Mustaine would be quite fun.

John Petrucci

Paul Gilbert
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Satriani, Wylde or Iommi
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I think this man wins the thread.

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We have a winner.
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Randy Rhoads for sure.

Dave Mustaine would be quite fun.

John Petrucci

Paul Gilbert


alive, I'd go for Sam totman, that guy's a beast
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John freakin' Frusciante
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Eddie Van Halen
Randy Rhoads
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Hendrix, easily. Now if we can't do people dead for more than thirty years I'd go for Brett Gurewitz oh bad religion, just cause their one of my favorite bands
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Mick thompson or Jim Root ( may the flaming begin)
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So pleased no one has said dimebag lol

im gonna have to go with dime, i love his work personally. other than him, jerry cantrell or james hetfield.
Eddie van halen or Randy Rhoads. Rhoads actually was a teacher!
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Eddie van halen or Randy Rhoads. Rhoads actually was a teacher!

If I chose Randy, First thing I would have to do is give him a lesson on tone!.........
Marty Friedman, the guys musicianship and knowledge blows my fricking mind, he went from megadeth to j-pop all star with the drop of a hat. He plays things on the guitar that shock me..

If not Marty, then I would go with Chris Broderick, his stuff on classical guitar licks, and songs is insane, he played Caprice no. 5 in a video and I almost **** myself.
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If I chose Randy, First thing I would have to do is give him a lesson on tone!.........

Get a MXR Distortion + it'll get you a good tone. Anyways I'd say Gilmour just to get his tone.
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Gilbert or Satch because they seem like they'd actually care about my playing and are pretty down to earth. Tom Morello would be cool too, we have a similar playing style and I'd love to have some insight on mastering my effects pedals haha. I'd say Matt Bellamy but I think he's probably too out there to efficiently teach haha.

Some of the little guys like Justin Shekoski or Thom Erak would be pretty cool too, both have very distinctive sounds
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Paul Gilbert would be first then close second Alexi Laiho. At least i would be learning something from them.
shawn lane if he was still with us, i dont really like michael angelo's music but you cant deny that he has some skills so maybe him.
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SRV, Hendrix or Gilmour.

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This right here.
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