So I bought this guitar off Ebay. (I know, I know)

The boy said it was mint and kept in its case all its life but thats clearly a LIE! Apart from bits missing/modified its also filthy.

Ive cleaned the guitar and im restringing it. Theres just one problem im not sure how to deal with.

18th fret, bottom right next to the fret wire. The finish appears to be bubbling up! It only seems to be affecting the high frets.

Any suggestions on how to treat it?

Very difficult to actually get rid of it, the best thing to do is too make sure it doesnt get any worse by keeping your fretboard clean and dry (Y)
Well after going over the neck again, some of the bublings cracked and fell off. Now theres exposed wood underneeth that'll just absorb in any grease that touches it.

its so small i bet it wont be a problem, if it really bothers you maybe you scratch off the loose finish and use a tiny brush and apply a little bit of lacquer on the areas