Any time i've seen the word "tool" on UG, its followed by trolls...whats with the lack of love?
Yeah me too, i'm not one of those obsessive-tool-cult fans, and i can see how people can be selective w/ their songs, but to hate them outright...
Yeah i think it's silly to hate them out right, they are an awesome band but i can understand why people don't like them. I think it's simply because quite alot of people don't like progressive/ hard rock style music that much nowadays and i also think quite alot of people didn't, like myself, think too much of 10,000 Days. All that Maynard and his wine documentary news that has been reported on here, probably doesn't help either, it does make them look a little pretenscious. Alot of people tend to exaggerate what they think about things as well, as they think they have to be extreme to be accepted. Tool are a great band though and a real addition to the music scene in general.
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Why do trolls do anything, really? Some people just don't like Tool. Some people don't see a need to tell everyone they hate Tool at the simple mention of the band. Some people have nothing better to do than waste their time complaining about a band they don't like.

[BTW, theres a Tool thread in the Modern Rock forum]
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I've only seen good things said about tool but maybe i look in different places than you.
Prog is my favorite style of music. Tool though just really recycles everything to me. They also refuse to use any sort of melody. These guys are all very awesome musicians they just dont come together really and all do there own things instead of meshing as one. I like a few Tool songs but put me in as a fan that really dislikes there music.

If Danny would learn to keep a steady beat sometimes and let the music connect instead of trying to outshine the others I might like them a lot more.
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I like Prog, but I don't like Tool.
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they're pretty good musicians and can write some interesting things...but the vocals strike me as odd, and the majority of their music just sounds pretty "meh" to me.
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