Now, I have the money for a Blackstar HT-5 ministack, but I can't seem to find one in stock anywhere in the US. Now, I'm willing to wait until they're in stock, but I found the head for 300 dollars in stock in the US.

If I can find a good enough cab for this amp, then i'll just buy the head and cab separately. My budget is about 100 - 150 dollars. I MIGHT stretch it if I find that it's worth it. I'm trying to get as close to the HT-5's cabinet as possible, I'll list the specs below.

HT-5 Cabinet -
40 watts
16 Ohm
1 x 10 Celestion

I need something along the lines of that, the speaker size can be stretched easily, idc, I'm more worried about the cab actually working with the head.

The head has a 1x8 OHM, 2x16 OHM, and 1x16 OHM inputs on the back.

If I forgot anything, just ask.