Not sure if this goes in this forum or a different one, but my amp has started making "static" noises when either a bass is plugged or if theres nothing plugged in. Tried with different leads and basses. Thanks in advance if anyone helps me.
Umm, dunno. Tried fiddling with the settings? also, check it's plugged in properly, silly as it sounds.
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it might be a grounding problem.
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Tried messing with the EQ and compression, still making noises. My PC and TV and stuff are on the other side of the room to my amp.
Most probably a grounding issue then.
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Damn you and your ninja-like modding
either it's a grounding issue which is by far most likely or some other wire is just starting to come loose of the solder. If you know anything about electronics you could try opening it up and resoldering all the ground wires. otherwise i'd take it it to be looked at.
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