Here it is. Any criticism is good to me. And I know the title doesn't make any sense

In the morning when I rise
I know I'll have to face the things that i despise
They are waiting at my door
To confront me with the most upsetting evidence that exists
With lifetime of mistakes and broken promises
If only I could hide away in your shadow
Maybe I could leave the past behind
And drag my feet through this world of uncertainty

As the sun shines up above
It's the truth to tell me what I am so undeserving of
And my world is all gold
I can look in through the glass
And see smiling faces that surpassed
The loneliness I have always felt
If only my feelings were uncomplicated
Maybe I would say something to you
Then I could exist not only in my mind

I perform all the routines
That were born by the odds and ends and in-betweens
That I never paid any mind too
Now I'm just an object
Guided by simplistic reason while I collect
Memories I never made
If only I could step outside the box I made
To protect myself from everyone
I could be the person I always tried to be
nice language,it flows well and i like the rhymes.it isnt very clear what its about but i love that in poetry and i rarely say what i mean in my own pieces.im gonna hazard a guess and say you dont feel you meet your parent expectations?

good work and keep it up


Tell me what nation on this earth, was not born of tragedy-Primordial
From what i made of it, its about drifting silently through life?
I quite like it
Think the only bit id change is line4, seems a bit too long imo. But other than that its good?
C4C my Ashes of Eden song in sig? :>