I'm thinking of buying either a really cheap RG or Bullet and tear it up just for the purpose of learning how to build and modify a guitar. You know just look around inside and see how it works. The reason I want to spend the extra $100 bucks is my poor RR3 has already taken enough of a beating and I really don't want to mess it up. What do ya think?
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Just grab a cheap strat copy from ebay

Guitars aren't complicated atall, what you see is what you get, apart from some very basic electronics.
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^that's about right.

THey're not that complicated as far as electronics go.
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Van, that's absolutely the best way to learn about guitar assembly and repair. I'd recommend you take the guitar completely apart. Just don't loose any parts. I use ziploc bags to store small parts. Desolder all the electronics and start from scratch. The strat is a good way to start out. It's a very simple design and there is a ton of info out there. Any detailed info you need to reassemble can be taken from the UG forum. Every so often my local guitar shop sells Squier Bullets for around 60 bucks. That would be a great instrument to start with. Really any decent quality inexpensive Strat will do but it's nice to work with a standard type 5-way switch because that's the most common switch shown in wiring schematics.
craigslist it. a lot of the time people get a starter pack for like $200, quit playing, and turn around to sell it for $100-125ish. You'll usually get a practice amp out of the deal too.
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Very good idea to learn about the structure of a guitar.

Also, you might as well try to mod it or something in the future just to make it unique and cool even though it is cheap.
Hey thanks guys. I was expecting posts more along the lines of "GTFO noob" but I suppose the 12 year olds who act like that stay out of here. So I found a nice blue strat copy for $109. 10 bucks cheaper than my first guitar. Once I get payed in a couple weeks I'll take him home and abuse him.
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Hey guys in the last 3 weeks I ****ed all the girls in this picture, what do you think?

the GTFO noob thing applies when idiotic questions like "can i haz killswitch" come up (ultimate killswitch thread. nuff said)

this is a serious and intelligent question.

forget ebay and craigslist. go to walmart and grab one of their $50 starter guitars. yeah, they suck, and yeah, they're made of mdf, but all the more reason to not be afraid of ruining it.

EDIT: nevermind, u found one....good luck, then!
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