The song(s) that convinced me to start listening to music would be,

"Smells Like Teen Spirit", by Nirvana
because I got the pre-chorus stuck in my head, the "Hello, hello, hello, how low" part.

"How You Remind Me", by Nickelback
because of the chorus, and the first verse.

and, "Werewolves of London", by Warren Zevon
because of the howling part
"Comfortably Numb", by Pink Floyd.

That really opened up rock for me. After listening to it, I started googling and the rest is history. Lol.
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Is that a ukulele in your pants, or did you just rip ass to the tune of "Aloha Oi"?

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Metallica, ONE.
that song has it all. great intro and the best turn around in a song ever.

if you dont like this ya must be dead
I started with Linkin Park and after I heard Metallica and old GNR everything changed, Kirk and Slash inspired me a lot to pick up the guitar.

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I don't get this thread. "Songs" that inspired you to listen to music? So, music that inspired you to listen to music?

That's like asking: "Which food convinced you to start eating food?"
Life is Hell
The Ocean by Led Zeppelin got me into music
Dont Eat the Yellow Snow by Frank Zappa got me into obscure music
A Love Supreme by John Coltrane got me into jazz

and really from there i just kept finding other artists and listenin to more music
'Music is the best"
Downfall by Trust Company. very strange.

i guess i just realized that music was the best. zappa's got it right.
"The Girl From Ipanema" played by Jhonny Smith
that instrument i First heard and fun i was indeed having!

"come with me" by Tania Maria
that song so Gorgeous and profound invigorated me