Im finally replacing strings on my Fender Acoustic. I would like to know which strings the UG community would reccomend for a higher, more vibrant tone in the guitar. I've been using D'aDarrio light strings, they sounds good. I would just like to know what everyone else thinks?
You'll get lots of different answers for a question like that. You're basically asking for peoples opinions.

Opinions will differ but to get your answer you're probbaly best experimenting.
I like my D's, but if your looking to try something new check out some Elixers. They have a really really distinct sound.

Personally I like how they sound on Martins (four friends have them on their Martin's and I love the sound more than they 2 guys who use D's and Martin Brands)

On my Breedlove I'm not so sure I love them. I'm probably going to put D's on next time i restring.

So yeah, try some Elix's.
I always go back to martin SP 11's.
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Go with Elixers...when i first put those on my Fender acoustic it made the tone just full and vibrant....it is amazing how long those strings hold their tone.
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Cleartone and Elixirs are amazing! Sound quality is unreal, and they don't rust like Slinky's.
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4th link.

My fav strings are the Eric Clapton Martin Signatures(they're not just a gimmick) and Cleartone EMPs for coated strings.
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