ive been looking into getting one of these, because i play alot of RATM and audioslave songs, which i know use the whammy pedal.

i was wondering what other bands/artists use the whammy pedal? so when i get one i wont be limited to RATM/audioslave songs

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i could be wrong on this, so correct me if i am, but i believe Jack white from the white stripes used one.

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David Gilmour, check out Marooned, or half of his new Gdansk album.
A LOT of people use this pedal, but like they've said the only people I know that used it extensively are RATM, Audioslave, and Jack White. But there's a bunch of others, and it's incredibly useful. It's definitely not a novelty. Almost all guitarists have or have had one somewhere on their board at one time or another.

all these, plus i think dethklok, if I'm not mistaken.
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Who cares? Just uses it whenever you feel like it. Did you buy a guitar just so you could play covers? Nope....


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