Hi ive been trying to find a hard tail jackson rr but so far i could only find RR5 which is quite expensive for my budget. i can buy a guitar more in the range of 600-800 dollars. is there such jackson rr with hardtail?
anything is possible at warmoth, if i remember right their cheapest RR body is like $180, which isnt that bad for a quality body.
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Well...then WHY does jackson not have any normal priced hardtail rr??? there is one for 300 and 1200 dollars why there is nothing in between :/ it sucks... also rr5 is not really my kind of colors too and its too expensive.
Yes but i dont think i can find any of those here. We already have some distribution problems here so there is no jackson for now. I will go used and i think its impossible to find one of those for me.