Back after a long hiatus!

I'm in the middle of replacing a TON of stolen gear. My next purchase will replace my lost Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. Funds are kinda tough right now, so I'm looking at used. Normally I would go with new, but that's not an option right now.

I have it narrowed down to a couple of amps:

1. VOX AC15 for $425: The seller is including an uninstalled Celestion Greenback G12M-8 ohm speaker new in a box. Amp is in showroom condition.

2. Peavey Classic 30 for $350 (possibly a little less): Stock speaker has been replaced with a Celestion Vintage 30 G12-16 ohm speaker. Factory tubes have been replaced with Mesa Boogie tubes. Amp has some gig rash. This is one of the earlier models without the tube guard.

The two guitars (for now) that will be used are a Fender VG Strat and a Epiphone Slash Les Paul Goldtop. For the most part I play rock, blues, and a little bit of jazz. Style of Gilmour, Trower, Santana and Berry covers most of it. This will also include playing at the local blues jams on occasion. Bedroom volume would be nice as well.

I understand that I need to pick the one that I like. What I'm hoping for is to hear from those that have had experience with both of these amps to share some insight. Obviously the replacement speaker and tubes in the Peavey will alter the factory sound, but from what I've read it can only help. For the moment I have no pedals, all are gone; that's next.

Thanks for your help!!
sorry about the gear man =[.. but i have a vypyr and the classic on it sounds amazing.. so im guessing its only better with the real one
Classic 30. I think it's a better sounding amp than the AC15, it's cheaper to boot. Gig rash = character
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I am leaning towards the Classic 30 for various reasons. I was introduced to Vox a few days ago and was very impressed, although it was a $1800 model. Just a bit out of my price range right now. ;-)
I tried out the peavey classic 30 and compared to the vox AC15. First the cleans: Vox AC15's cleans were so much warmer than the Classic 30. Then the overdrive: The vox sounded Rich and full of harmonics and the amp can get a really nice crunch, where as I found the classic 30's overdrive sterile and thin. The only problem with the vox AC15, I find is it is a quite trebley amp but I'm going to replace the tubes and if that doesn't balance the highs and lows I will take out the bright cap.
Thanks all for the feedback.

Just got a call back, heading over to listen to the Classic 30 now. Taking along $350 with me just in case. Wish me luck!
Got it! It was love at first bite. I have no idea what a stock Classic 30 sounds like, but this modded one is amazing. And I love that it will play at a low volume just fine. That was the only complaint I had about my Blues Deluxe. Let the jamming begin!
I picked up my Classic 30 for $275 in excellent condition. I don't care for the gain channel, but with an OD in front it's much better. I keep mine on clean and use pedals. It's a great amp, but mine suffers from tube rattle. I need to get some dampers on the tubes.
Forgot to mention, this amp really made the acoustic mode on my VG ring out. The guy selling the amp couldn't believe that I wasn't playing a real acoustic.