EDIT: Okay, I just realised that I need to earth the guitar, and attaching a material simply won't work. Hmm...

I get the classic 'hum' when I plug my electro-acoustic Garrison G20-CE into my amp or computer. After lots of deduction I've realised that something in the guitar isn't properly grounded properly. I can get rid of the hum simply by touching the metal jack or any metal bits on my amp.

So what materials can I use as a temporary solution to ground all the electronics and get rid of the hum? Can I wrap something like copper round the metal jack?

Any ideas guys?
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make sure the two wirse are connected to the jack.

if you cant get to the wires, then you can use a metal clip. attact wire to it clip it to a string or metal, or bridge and tuck the other end into your belt.
or use an alligator clip and a little ring at the end, to tuck in, like pictured.


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