First I would like to say I've been playing for a year and have NO idea how to do this. I have an epiphone and I cant stand not having a tremolo/whammy bar/wiggle stick.

How can I put one in? ANY help would be appreciated. I'm guessing I have to change the bridge?

P.S. Hope this is the right place to post.
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Yes, you're in the right place.
In short, yes it is possible. However, it would require some routing and such. I'm not really sure of what exactly needs to be done, but the fact is, it is possible.
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ya, that guitar is not worth it. Just save up. But dont get an ibanez. that tremolo is disgusting.
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It would be very difficult to install a normal tremolo, but very easy to install a Bigsby trem. If you do want a standard trem, it requires lots of drilling, carving, routing...
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honestly, you need to just get a new guitar. Installing a tremolo bar is an extreme pain and it would cost you at least a hundred dollar install fee plus the price of the bridge and on top of that, most installs don't turn out that great...

I would suggest looking @ a esp ltd guitar, most cheap ibanezes w tremolos suck. you could get a ltd (just quick example: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/-LTD-MH250-Electric-Guitar?sku=542082 ) and get a much better guitar in the process... if you have only been playing a year, theres not much point in spending a whole lot of money, something like this is still good for advanced guitarist, so yeah... ask if you have any questions, but in short the work and money would not be worth it for just an epiphone guitar.
The LP100 is thinner than a regular LP and may not have enough room for the the routing needed, the spring cavity could come thru the bottom of the pickup routes. And being a carved top complicates things. A bigsby is almost half what the guitar cost. Deal with it as is. If you reall gotta have a wammy on a LP get 1 with it already installed or look at warmoth.
It kinda depends upon the epi. I've played epiphones that I loved and ones that I hated. (I bought one that I loved) anyway, there are some that can stand up to a gibson, and there are some that just can't. If you have one that can, it might be worth it to switch out the pickups and route for a tremolo. If you don't, then it's not worth it. end of story
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I can see you're pretty clueless, but don't worry. I was the same. Your epiphone has a stop tail bridge, meant to stop the strings. You want a guitar with a whammy bar. Those usually have tremolo bridges. They have spring systems which allow the bridge to move, letting you whammy. There are many types of tremolo style bridges, like the ones on strats, Floyd Roses, Edge III'S, Kahlers. You could get your epiphone set up for a tremolo style bridge, but it would cost a lot of money, because a big hole has to be gutted out of your guitars. You'd be better off buying a guitar that already has a tremolo bridge.
well, I don't know how good they are, but I've seen vibratos advertised in guitar world that don't need routing, all you need to do is drill a few holes, I'm not sure about the carved top though...

EDIT: here it is, it's called a "stetsbar". they're probably extortionate I'd imagine...
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ya, that guitar is not worth it. Just save up. But dont get an ibanez. that tremolo is disgusting.

Obviously you have never had the pleasure of playing with an Ibanez ZR Tremolo.

Putting in a tremolo system into a guitar without one is a whole lot of work. I would recommend that you save up some money to purchase a guitar with a tremolo system already installed.
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