Cool man, nice job. I like your voice. You have to stop pulling away? from the mic when you are hitting the high notes or you just need more practice to hit them better? Im not sure what it is.
Guitar wasnt too bad. A little choppybut like you said it may just be the mic. Id like to hear a better version from you for sure!

Good luck!


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Cheers bro,
I think it was a bit of both xD. The mic is pretty bad , its meant for video conferencing and stuff so it cant handle alot. I'll try borrowing a friends mic and doin it.
damn. voice is perfect for this type of music. Very soulful/rockish. You have good vocal control, but when you hit the higher notes I feel like you lose a little bit of control. Might be the mic though.
Good voice. You should definitely do a better quality version if you can.