I have a knock-off strat (not a squire) and the neck is fairly thick. Do the standard strats (mexican-made) have thick necks?

not really. they arent as thin as say a jackson or ibanez. they are about the middle ground between say a gibson les paul neck and a jackson. to me it feels that way atleast. but im not a neck expert
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My MIA Standard Strat has a fairly thin neck profile. The MIM Strats I have played ddidn't have necks that were too thick, either.
It all depends on what you are used to.

Most strats that I have played are not as wide, and are kind of thicker towards the middle.

The classic "C" shape I believe.

Try 'em out. They are only the most common guitars on the planet...
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Strat necks actually vary quite a bit, I have a '94 MIM that has a huge neck, but I love it since I have fairly large hands. My 2001 MIA Strat has a fairly slim neck though.

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Pretty much medium, I'd say.
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Hmmmmm my pre CBS had a D shape, very flat at the middle of the back. It was the best thing about that POS, after the tree trunk of a Hofner Galaxy.
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they are very varied. the MIMs especially. I have played some which had quite thick necks whereas the neck on mine is pretty thin (though mine is a 2002 model)
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i cant stand v shaped necks... but like everyone said, fairly varied
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not really. they arent as thin as say a jackson or ibanez. they are about the middle ground between say a gibson les paul neck and a jackson. to me it feels that way atleast. but im not a neck expert

That's basically what I planned to answer. I like some thinner necks(anything thinner than the neck on a JEM is dead to me though), but I also like thick necks, hence why I love the neck on it. But to each his own. Plus it's incredibly varied. Just try it I guess.

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When they gained popularity with professional guitarists in the late 60's and throughout the 70's, it was mostly because people found the thin neck of Fenders let them play a little more freely than what was then the standard thickness of neck found on Gibsons.

Of course by modern standards, Gibson necks are now considered fat and Fender necks are considered the standard, thanks to the invention of ultra-thin U-profile necks like those on ESP and Ibanez guitars.

So, if you're a blue, jazz or classic rock kind of person, you would probably considre the Fender necks to be moderately on the slim side. On the other hand if you're a heavy metal player, you'll probably find the average Fender neck is a little on the medium/thick side for your tastes.
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