well this is like my third lyrics post. got the idea for the song when my science teacher admitted ot seeing pigeons divebombing outside (we were on the third floor of our school) and i started thinking about dream analists and crazy people who have those wierd kind of dreams and when i got home i wrote this alt rock song hope you like it.

o=rough vocals

I’m so jealous,
I’m overzealous,
Can’t take all this anymore,
I’m suffocating,
And I think I’m fading,
Pick me up before I HIT THE FLOOR
I’m having
Recurring visions
And they are all about
Falling pigeons,
I don’t know what it means
Maybe it’s more than I think,
All I know is that
It separates the truthful facts
I’m so evil,
just 'cause I’m primeval,
Can’t take all this anymore,
When I hit the ground,
I make no sound,
So pick me up before I HIT THE FLOOR
Chorus X2

©Ben Allen
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