I'm looking for an OD to drop in front of my VH100R in order to tighten up and smooth up the tone. I play a lot of prog-metal/rock like BTBAM and DT. I'll be using it on top of my amps distortion so it doesn't need to have a ton of gain on tap. Versatility is a plus but my focus is on the things i mentioned before.

So far I've come across:

Maxon OD808

Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET (blem)

Fulltone OCD (blem)

Ill probably only be able to try the Maxon so I need your help because I'll be flying blind with the other 2. Im open to other suggestions as well just try to stay below 150$.

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The FD2 can do anything, stand alone gain, clean boosting, adding midrange or just adding gain. I've also heard good things about the ZVex super hard on and the Xotic BB preamp.
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You want to boost or do you want to use outboard gain?
go down to the store, and check out BOSS, divided by 13, Digitech and Line6 ODs.

its up to your personal, most likely unique, preference.

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Quote by imgooley
You want to boost or do you want to use outboard gain?

Boost on top of my amps distortion. My amp already has more gain than I need, so I don't really need any more of that.
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I just got mine, a blem model actually, and I honestly don't know why it's a blem model because it is absolutely flawless.

But anyways, it's far more versatile than the Maxon OD808 I'd say, or any Tubescreamer for that matter.

I think the FD2 is what you are looking for over the OCD as well, the OCD isn't going to be smooth. I've A/Bed them for about an hour at the shop one time, and I liked the FD2 much better, and I still do!
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