I attempted to tune my guitar with a guitar tuner but 1E and 4D sound all funny. My tuner shows what string tune it is in the corner and for both strings never came up. It was either 5a 7b or 6e instead.

Im guessing the strings are maybe rusty or something so i might need to get new ones. If I remember correctly, the strings have not yet been replaced since I got the guitar almost 2 years ago. I do believe maybe D string broke but I couldn't be certain.


jus get some ernie ball custom gauge super slinkys


That'll help
When your stings are darker than a rosewood fingerboard, it's time to change the strings plus new strings feel real good
how can not be certain if the D string broke? if its floppin around, and it is in two pieces, then yeah, its broke.

anyhoo, back to the issue at hand. just get new strings. thicker ones stay in tune better. i recommend 10s or 11s.
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you havent changed strings in 2 years... jeez. i do it like once a month.

the string could be dead.
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Wow old strings.......
Get some Ernie Ball string or Elixir (long lasting string).

btw if its your first time changing string then watch a video how to change your string.
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