I'd like to get a 412 cab for my Peavy Valveking 112... The problem is, that this amp has just a jack for 16 ohms, so i'm forced to buy a 16 ohms cab.

I've been looking around now for several weeks but I can't find any "good" cabs (i don't wanna get a valveking cab because i don't like the valveking speakers)...

So which cab should i get? (price limit is around 300€; ... I'm a poor student :/)

Thanks in advance!
A used Mesa 212 or 412 with V30 speakers.
You can find them on Craigslist for just under your budget.

Oh, and guys remember that he can't use Avatar because he's not in the US.
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Well, i'd prefer the 412 because of the bigger volume and better bass fundament (i hope you understand what i'm trying to say haha...)

The 212 cabs of Framus have all 8 ohms, or am i wrong?

Also i have to say that i prefer the sound of the GT75 speakers than the sound of the V30 speakers.

(and i tested all the Harley Benton speakers because i'm studying 10 kilometers away from the Thomann store )
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1. Go build yourself one, then get some cheap G12T-75 from ebay or something like this, I got 4 for 170€.

2. Get a cab with Celestion seventy 80s. They are similar to the G12T-75. Not as good, but okay budget speaker with an okay lowend and only a tad muddyness.
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yah personally id stick with a 112 no more than 212.

I just think 412 cabs look ridiculous.

i made my own cab with an old valvetronix and speaker wire its a 112 and its plenty plenty loud when i run my C30 into it.

i actually don't want to build one on my own because i don't have the tools i need for it and i don't have any talent in working with wood...

yeah, 112 is loud enough but the reason why i'm looking for a 412 cab is that is has a more "bassy" sound and doesn't sound as thin and harsh as my combo does...

would it be helpful to change the speaker in the combo? i know a lot of valveking users did that in order to get a better sound, but would this also give me a more voluminous sound?