Okay my mate is letting me borrow his guitar, i managed to make a crack in the paint and now i've repainted the body. now i need to reconnect the wires i have cut, as you probably have guessed, i'm not the smartest of people when trying to fix guitars...
So the wires i have cut are from the volume to the output jack and from the volume to somewhere around the back covered up by the plate... the guitar is a fender strat...

I have told my mate, he just wanted me to respray it for him...
and for some reason i can't put pics in my messages, so i have had to paste the link for the photos down below...


I'd appreciate any advice...
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Cut off the insulation of each wire end, open the wire ends into a Y, mesh them together, twist them, and then solder them.
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You cracked the paint and replaced the entire body? WTF?

Lmao I thought the same thing . He repainted the entire body, not replace it though.

You should've just told him what you did. You might've made everything worse.
I think theres a thread just for wiring diagrams.
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The wire going to the jack is either a lead or ground. Can you tell us where the other end is connected? The wire going around back is another ground (probably coming from the back of your volume pot) and gets soldered to the trem claw.