I know I keep making quite a few threads asking about computers. And I'm sorry... But you guys seem so smart about these things (well... some more than others )

But anyway, I was wondering this.

I have 3 hard drives on my computer. I have one that I save all my movies/pictures/ music to (Media Drive)

I have one that I save all of my applications to (I have 2 folders, 'Applications launchers' and 'Applications setups' and the other hard drive holds the Operating systems.

tl:dr -

Right now, all when I install programs, half of them give me the option of where I want to install it. the other half automatically save to the C drive (where the OS is)
The ones that don't give me the option where it installs, can I move it later? For example, if Google earth automatically installs to C: can I just go to my computer>C:>program files and then cut/paste the Google file to my other hard drive and still have it work properly?

Yes, you can move it, you just have to make sure you bring the ENTIRE program over. If not, it will be corrupted.

First, try just copying it, without cutting, putting it on your other hard drive(assuming it's an external one) and bring it to another computer, and see if it works.

Google Earth should give you the option of where you want to save it, it did for me.
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