Check post #5 to help me with my final choices!

So i got this cheap strat copy and im thinking about repainting and customizing it for a long time now, first i wanted to paint it like a frankie, but that has been done too many times, and another reason, i cant play any van halen (not that you need to be able to do that when having a frankie but i think its just, well, i dunno).
Then i was thinking about painting it like Tom Morello's Soul Power, but i think its better to do something original.
Heres how my strat looks right now (paint job etc this is not mine)

So what i was thinkingof is:
New paint job
Maybe new pickguard/pick up covers/knobs.
Killswitch (not to have one i actually NEED it for songs i play :P)

So i already got the paint, black and ivory white(so not really white-ish like on the design posted \/ ).
And this is the design im thinking of:

So, question time!
Is the design any good?
Now about the pickguard and stuff, i can keep my old ones one (white), or, i can buy new ones, black (cheaper), or chrome/silver (obviously more expensive)
I dont really know wich option to pick, because the white pickguard would go well with the lines from the design, but black would go better with the black paint, and might look more bad ass, and then chrome, i dunno how it would fit with the collors of the stripes but it would be awesome to get it.
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keep the white pickguard and put emg hot rails on it, tht wud be sum sexxxy
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yeah designes cool. Remember to sand it all down and then lots of layers of paint plus varnish or whatever. I think gold hardware would look awesome, with a white pickguard (black would make it look like youve missed out some of the lines) and then different coloured knobs and switches etc.
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Looks great. I think you should go with the chrome pickguard to add variety and make the design stand out a bit more.
i would just keep it as it is now imo, nothing better than a sunburst strat. i would just change the pickups and tuners
I'm with Taygunov. You're gonna regret putting a loud paintjob on it. Just concentrate on making it sound and play good. A sunburst finish can be a beautiful thang. Got any pics of the actual guitar? Maybe just go with a real funky pickguard then when your tastes change you can just switch back to the original. No harm done.
**** da hataz. I like the black paintjob with the white guard. The arrows actually look pretty sick IMO. With such a crazy paintjob, I must suggest crazy wiring to go with it.
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