Hey everyone. I have an old 20 ft cable with a damaged inner wire somewhere in the middle of the cord causing the sound to cut out. I was thinking I could cut the cable and attach connectors to the ends for when I need either a short length or long.

My question is - is there some kind of science to the length of cables, or do they just go by standard general lengths? If I cut the cable to the wrong length, will there be a vulnerability to certain outside frequencies causing noise? Or will the guitar signal resonate, and bring out unwanted frequencies?
I think its just round numbers really, nothing special about specific lengths. The only thing is that longer cables generally need to be made to a higher quality to ensure a good signal gets through.

If I'm understanding you correctly, you basically want to cut your cable in two to make two shorter cables? If that's it then I dont see any reason why that wouldn't work. Unless you want to do something like this:

Male-----------------------------Male Female--------------------------Male

and connect the two to make a longer cable when needed. Then I think you'd be better off just cutting the cable you have into two standard shorter cables and buying a longer one. That way you have three.
TS, are you talking about patch cords between pedals and whatnot?

The only real science to a 1/4" cable is that you shouldn't go over about 20-25' long (unless you have active pickups)...
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Yea, Snake, thats basically what I'm planning to do. And that makes a lot of sense thank you

I will just be going between pedals and my amp, and I wont be going over 10 feet so it should be fine.
What you're planning on doing should work just fine as far as I know.
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