'The streetlight flickered different shades of yellow,
From a distance I heard a car horn bellow,
And as I walked under the light a cold voice said,
from behind me 'Don't move or I'll shoot you dead"

‘He said don't move an inch I've got a gun at your back,
I said "Don't worry Sir I wasn't gonna do that",
He said to me "Son don't be smart I don't want your strife,
Then I turned round and kicked 'I’m and then ran for my life...’

*Chorus 1*
‘The night burst into life like the hot rising sun,
my life almost ended by a bullet from a gun,
And I don't like these escapades...
In the hot rising sun’

‘Left him in a daze and I was thinkin' in my head,
If I don't move quickly I could find myself dead.
Behind me I heard a shot ring out of the blue,
But from where it landed I knew he didn't have a clue.’

‘But believe you me, I didn't chance a look round.
Kept my eyes to the front and my feet on the ground,
I heard him say "Stop or believe me once again I'll shoot",
An' I said "Yeah, right I'm gonna listen to you”’

*Chorus 2*
‘The night burst into life like the hot rising sun,
my life almost ended by the bullet from a gun
and I don’t like these escapades…
in the hot rising sun’

‘And so the chase was on but it was no competition,
He was a chain smoker and he didn't have a mission,
I legged it on down the road an' then it all went quiet,
I'd escaped because of luck an' 'cause he'd no ammunition…’

'And so I managed to escape the dangerous situation,
I felt well relieved but just a little bit frustrated,
Because during the course of the entire escapade,
There were no cop cars and it didn’t start to rain,
Yanno like in the chase scenes of those Hollywood movies?,
I'm probably being pernickety or a little bit choosy,
I guess I should be thankful that I still had my head,
attached to my shoulders as I finally got to bed…’

let me know what you think