I was just looking through the lessons on this site and I found this

Where the person talks about the stand and its con, it says that high end guitars shouldn't be placed in guitar stands :S because most of them are sensitive to temperature and humidity. I have a Yamaha Pacifica 812v and was wondering if I should leave it in my gig-bag? (dont have a case right now) I've had the guitar on the stand for about 2 months now and I just started so I dont really know if there has been a change. I would appreciate it if UG's could answer this please XD

Thanks guys
i keep my encore les paul in a gig bag on a stand and it's just as crap as i got it so it wouldn't do anything and it gives it some protection
I leave mine on their stands except when I need to take them someplace so I have them in case I suddenly get inspired.

Both sound, feel and look good still, so I personally think that they'll be fine.

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put it on the stand.
the guy just posted that because leaving your guitar on a stand DOES leave it open to dust and humidity, but if where you store it is not humid, and you are playing often enough to prevent dust build up, use the stand. its OK!!!
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nice though the pacifica 812v is it's not really classed among really high end guitars. that said keeping it in a case will keep it better in tune and is less likely to get knocked etc.
i would keep it in a case on a stand, gets it off the ground where it may get kicked/knocked etc.
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My UV777bk lives in it's hardcase.

My RG2570EX and SRX595 are living on stands/in gigbags
My guitar stays on a stand when at home. If I had a better one, I would probably keep it in its case though.
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I keep my guitar on a wall-hanger (you can get one at GC for like $20-$30). It probably has some cons similar to the guitar stand. But, there is zero chance you can kick a wall hanger over like you can with a stand.
Don't worry, unless your guitar has a nitrocellulose finish (it doesn't) no harm will come to it.
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I can't stand keeping my guitars in cases, it makes them feel so far away from me... I just don't have enough stands, so... I've got them propped up against a lot of differant things. My Telecaster usually spends its time on my couch or bed, though... the places a girl belongs.
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Hang it on an interior wall. I'd much rather have my guitars on my wall, far from the ground where the stand can fall over.

Now, that being said, because we're talking an ELECTRIC guitar, it won't be affected as severely by adverse conditions as an acoustic guitar will.
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Don't worry, unless your guitar has a nitrocellulose finish (it doesn't) no harm will come to it.

THIS is the issue. Even the Hercules stands, which are claimed to have a very "safe" guitar contact system, will react with the nitrocellulose finish on a high end guitar.

If you're not using a nitrocellulose finish, and you are using a decent stand, you have no problem.

If you're using really crap stand then you take risks regardless of the guitar.
Its not gonna be a problem really I put mine in the case at night but it stays on its stand during the day then at night I put it in its gator case for safekeeping, Idk I just like keeping it near me when I sleep.
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My guitar lives propped up against my desk. No problems so far.
I keep my Jackson in it's case as much as I can, my Gio stays in it's gig bag, acoustic in it's bag and my red RG on a stand, until I can get a hardcase for her.
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