So I've been trying to buy this bass since feb. 1st now.


It was on backorder and was supposed to arrive feb 2nd at the warehouse, then it got pushed back to feb. 22... and now march 16...so I'm just tired of waiting and would like to now if you guys can suggest me any other bass with a max. price of $350. I know the squier VM is a really good deal but are there any other ones that are really good basses for this price?
you could cancel the order and buy it from somewhere else, e.g musicians friend, guitar centre etc.

EDIT: Squier Classic Vibes are also good, look at Ibanez as well
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I've tried, but it seems to be a problem with schecter not delivering the bass to the retailers, so no one has it.
we have that problem in the UK there almost no retailers. i think the distributor went bust. i edited my 1st post,

suggestions: squier CV, almost any midrange Ibanez, MIM fender (though they recently raised prices) try stuff out and see what you like