My band, Rotting Wound have just recorded a new song (only rough demo version though).

At the moment it is only me and so I have to use a drum machine but a drummer will be acquired soon so keep checking back for more songs!

Please add us as a friend and tell your other friends about us!

Any constructive criticism is welcomed.
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Seriously, all I hear is a guy whispering and really bad midi drums in the background. The riffs on Brainfeast were pretty cool, but your tone needs a lot of work.

So work on vocals and sound quality and it should sound a lot better.
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yeah forgot to mention it wasn't recorded on anything spectacular only a cheap microphone thanks for the input though!
yeah sorry guys myspace deleted the band profile (no idea why) it will be up again soon and I will repost the new URL on here once it is done!

EDIT- Ok guys here it is the new URL is www.myspace.com/rottingwound1
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