i've been tryin programs that can do the amp's work..i've tryed Guitar Rig and others..so i have some questions , because i really liked the program (it make my Squier sound a lot better) and since im waiting for my peavey vypyr..and it will take some time till i get it..im playin around with guitar rig...so my questions are...wich do you think is best from all those programs ? guitar rig, amplitube , revalver etc..? my other and more essencial question is...in guitar rig and other programs i have some latency ,wich bothers me a bit...i can lower to 7 ms but i've heard that if i use Asio4All i can lower it down some more..but i cant configure Asio4All...anyone here willing to help me ? i would really aprecciate it =) thats all..goodbye and thank you everyone =)
To get the best sound quality and latency, you'll want to use a usb or firewire connection. But yeah, many artists even use these programs for recording, Rammstein being one of them.
i connect my guitar trought Mic entrance..it works fine but that small lattency on fast musics its very annoiyng and makes me play the worng times...so i tought about Asio4all could help me..anyone ? or should i really buy that usb conection ? how does that cost ?
well unless you have a really good sound card built into your computer, a usb interface is almost always necessary to get any kind of good tone. I have a M-audio fast track usb and it works fine for just messing around. I dont get any latency that I can hear and it was only 90 bucks or something. And for the software I've had the best results with revalvermk3 because it works well with my computer that doesn't use a lot of memory. Just curious why are you looking for a vintage software program?
Line 6 Toneport and Gearbox is great.
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i use to have line 6 guitar port and that thing was great to have around, wish i never traded it off.
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Gearbox can be very good as long as you're willing to sit and really tweak your tone.
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well..around 90 bucks...not that much...i think ill run my local stores to search for any good one =) thank you everyone...i have another question..a little bit off-topic..i used to play on a Squier amp..that came with the guitar...and i think its a lot harder to play on that amp..than on guitar rig...dont know why...but i dont have to make almost any pressure on the fret for the note sound nice on guitar rig..and on the amp i have to make 3 times more strenght...why does that happen ? does that happen on other amps ? or only on software..?