give us a hand dudes

about to make the jump into bigger gigs
i restored an orange 4x12 cab

looking at marshal mgs
who has thebest effects loops as well ??
More power=/= bigger gigs.

What type of music do you play?

Do you have a small penis?

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Most lower priced solid state heads leave a lot to be desired...I'd look for a tube head if you can afford it. If not, just play through some of the solid states you mentioned and see what suits you best...they're all going to be lacking, just in different areas. Some that have decent cleans aren't bad if you use a distortion pedal with it.

EDIT: style of music and MAXIMUM budget would be helpful...you would get some better recommendations that way.
I'd recommend a Laney LC for that price, but that's tube. Maybe a Peavey Vypyr? Why are you just looking for SS amps?
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