Schecter Omen 6 without a Floyd Rose
No Locking Nut
.09 Gauge Strings
In standard tuning
Horrible buzz on all strings ONLY at 1st Fret

I'm guessing something's wrong with the truss rod? How do I fix this I DONT WANT TO TAKE IT TO A TECH, i've had toooo many problems with Guitar Center this month.
How can i fix this myself?
that happened to me on the 7th. changed the strings and it works fine now. same set-up. floyd rose schecter.
there is a great thread on setting up the truss rod... i did it with my LTD F-50 and now the thing plays like a dream... the tech at my local shop loves playing it because i have it set up perfectly haha. also make sure ur string height is right, u can make subtle changes at the bridge and such. but sounds like its a truss rod issue
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it's a possibility that the nut might be getting worn due to using the floyd without a locking nut. do you use the floyd a lot?
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"Schecter Omen 6 without a Floyd Rose" and its a brand new guitar only 2-3 days old.
First eliminate your nut as a culprit. Fret the strings on the third fret and make sure the strings clear the 1St fret. If it checks out OK go to JJ1565's link and check your truss rod setting.
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the how to measure the neck's relief in the first post.

measure and post back here.

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