ok so i bought the midisport uno today, downloaded the driver from the cd, plugged in the usb, and then plugged in the midi out and in into my keyboard, and nothing happened. none of the lights on the midisport went on.

ive never used midi before so i dont really know wat i'm doing or how to set it up, but if someone can help me and tell me why its not working that would be awesome.
I got an m-audio uno last month too. Try plugging the in & outs the other way around. I think M-Audio labeled them wrong. Mine work fine with my electronic drumkit in reverse. If it recieves a signal it blinks.

If it doesn't blink at all after trying reversing the cables, somethings up with your keyboard or settings. And obviously, your computer must be running some kind of midi sequencer or synth to play the notes sent by your keyboard.
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