Any tips from any other guitarists?

Here's the site if you don't know what it is:

I have to apparantley play an audition piece of less than 2 minutes...can someone help me pick a song? (inb4icumblood) Do we play a song or do we improvise over a track? I'm confused...I signed up for the Contemporary Rock style.

Thanks for help, and if anyone else is doing this, say so!

For those who are giving me song/improv suggestions, here's an idea of how "good" I am. Some songs I can play are:

Altitudes(up till the sweeping) by Jason Becker
Overture 1928 by Dream Theater
Dyers Eve by Metallica
The first half of Home by Dream Theater
Tornado of Souls by Megadeth

Thanks for the help guys
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try the guitar section of the forum? lol
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