I recently installed subs, or rather, had them installed, but something was wrong with my car, pertaining to battery life, so I unhooked them. That problem seems to have mysteriously gone away, and now I'm wondering: should I reinstall the thick power wire attached to my battery, in the positive port? Or should I hook it up straight to the alternator?

By the way, if it helps my whip = 1994 cutlass.
Perhaps you should get a high-output alternator. I know my buddy's car had a weak alternator and that was problematic for him.
I have a VERY high output alternator. 220 amps. I just don't know which one to plug my subs too =\
maybe.. you should buy the amplifier..it only turns on when your car turns on..
its what you are meant to hook subs up to mate
I have the amplifier. All I'm asking, is which site is better for the subwoofers. That is all.
right should be..
battery > alternator > amp > sub
battery when car is off, stops powering the amp as it disables the alternator.
you would attach to + and - on amp to = and - of alternator.
i never have battery issues
that way.. ignition on = amp powered, ignition off = amp off

BTW the + being the alternator wire to battery, but on alternator side..not battery side
you dont want to hook it straight to the alternator. you want to get a capacitor.
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