Haven't posted in a while, but I'm looking for some options on what to play;

I'm a man of variety, but lately I'm lacking songs.

I'm looking work on my timing, especially the synching between my singing and playing, so can ya'll suggest some good licks to practice singing and playing together?

Keep the timing somewhat simple please, and to add my guitar isn't all too strong, maybe an intermediates level.

Thanks for any advice
Quote by Darkmaus
could'ye tell us a style? kind of bands you like?

would help,

Man I try to play as much variety as possibly,

I tend to stick to standard tuning, once in a while I go drop d or open e

Lately, I'm working on some Tallest Man on Earth and some John Frusciante(although most of his work is beyond my capacity)

I can play most neutral milk hotel, but jeff mangum can really throw some curveballs in there.

I'm really open to play anything, that 'other' players enjoy playing, as I'm just looking to built muscle memory rather than my own personal style at the moment.

Probably doesn't help a whole lot, as to what I 'want' to play, but as I stated, this is merely for muscle practice.

Thanks Ya'll