t's been 16 hours.
16 ****ing hours
Since I've been here, in outer space
The first 4 hours were the most unique. It was a cosmic swirling bliss, weaving in and out of the nebulae. It was a seize of emotion. I was deeper than Jacques Cousteau would ever venture
One moment was blissfully interrupted and substantiated by the next; though each were equally independent and equal in value; they were different from the previous one
****ing 16 hours and I'm still here, I've lost all contact with any sign of life. It must be the slug of time; he oozes along leaving my transmissions trialing behind him as time goes by ever so slowly
It might as well have been 16 years, because up here, time doesn't matter

Time doesn't matter
I've most certainly ran out of oxygen- all the tanks are empty; bang their metallic ancestry like the ritual drums of tribal Africa to bring back the dead. But they're hollow and contain no value
You can't bring back the dead
Dance around a fire let it cascade across the horizon; LOW and HIGH and TO and FRO
They dance in circles; those infidels, as if to bring back the dead.
I must have a blood clot in my brain because it's so clouded that I can't differentiate one moment from the next, I must not have any oxygen in my brain

I have none in my lungs either.
I exhale and it's all smoke, burning, singing smoke- it can be enough that it can travel through your eyes and ears and burn every organ inside of you
I'm a dragon; a mystical epithet; a holy resurrect:

Cultus Promachos;

Diligo est meus absentis , meus animus voluntas , accerso is ut everyone,it's solus res ut mos superstes ullus quasi decimation ut could venio. Secundum totus est absentis , ut nusquam vel somes futurus a maculosus in bosom of vita , diligo mos subsisto ut alo orbis terrarum quod grow iterum Flowers mos grow quod orbis terrarum mos ver. Sulum vestrum est a astrum , vos must emanio diligo. Si vos can't operor sic don't operor quisquam Operor retineo miles militis trucido vos ; vos can have vestri permaneo spiritus Spiritus

But I can't complete my mission; It's not that I wasn't supplied with enough oxygen- in this world there's always oxygen, but I was sent here by my fellow man- the same dancing infidels who preach of the dead, without enough oxygen to endure my quest. That's the down fall
When you set out to complete a task and you set out to full fill the burning passion that is in your chest. The smoke that comes from the dragon inside of you, someone will extinguish it.
A banging footstep that brings fast heartbeats to your chest will most certainly damper your haven. You're somberness can't withstand the power of excitement and it most certainly vanishes if only for the moment until the excitement subsides.
The people will panic, but not you, because you're brain dead and your oxygen has run low
**** you can't even feel your legs; they're so heavy. You couldn't even begin to feel any sense related to the feet beats that dance around the fire that beat the drums lapel.
Those feet you hear, they weren't your feet. In fact, your feet and those feet are so different that you can't begin to even permeate a distinguishable idea that would have any association

But you can always replace oxygen. Everything can be replaced. Nothing is definite. Why we hold dearly on to our momentary life puzzles me. It could be gone... NOW! It can be easily replaced as gasoline can be replaced with water to fuel a cry but our greedy clutches wouldn't pry loose if there were something 10 times better; Of course some of us would go as far to risk everything to get better things and to have more
They're never satisfied; so they can only hold on to one true thing- that's life. Because once this life is over they won't have anything because they were truly void in the first place- constantly grasping for something that would fullfill the gaping hole inside them
So accept the infinity that is out there; I'm here right now, in this infinitude. I don't need oxygen

You can survive with out oxygen

I can't recall the last 12 hours; mostly because I were sleeping, but my dreams were as vivid and real as could be. I was lost in a fairy tale surmised all of my dreams and purposes in this life.
They were as real as if I were watching a movie of myself going by in life; ignoring the meaningless things that waste our time and energy

Even my thoughts escape me. If I am not to produce them to a more permanent, physical apparatus they vanquish in to the air as quickly as I thought them up
I must live then; becuase if my thoughts that I am composed of began to dissipate than it will be soon before life begins to dissipate me and while slowly escape my breathe in the form of a whsiper
The smoke will diminish and my heart will be empty.

I would die.
Dragons would become extinct

At that thought the whole ocean could come from my eyes. Jacques would be proud of me
He is an essential explorer
He discovered it.
Others have discovered it too.

It's just a personal way to discover it. Everyone has their own form that their soul takes shape in, so everyone has their own way of discovery. It's great

I would drown in that ocean if i thought of it for too long.
No cul de sac would left busy with the animated buzzing of human interaction and I would feel alone on those empty streets.
Each person is their own, separately equal person who is equally separate from everyone else and each person would have their own fictitious envision of a personal flood
But for me it wouldn't be a ravenous, grasping spontaneous flood
It would just appear as the calmest sea with me the only person in it

I don't need oxygen but no fire could stay lit underwater.
It would not
This has fuel, but fuel runs out at the most untimely point. When you're feeling most ambitious and outgoing; ready to take on whatever comes your way- to explore and discover and pick the ripe fruit from your orgasmatree; you run out of fuel

I wonder what watery thoughts make me think so easily?
I know right now at this exact moment I'm just pouring some ancient, timeless information from somewhere that's a far off land
with cobblestone streets and white pearl columns that hoist every building These columns were built for a reason, you know that right?
Well when this flood comes, those columns will release their sales and hoist their building and traverse the tranquility and enjoy the lack of human life. Only then, when humans are gone, will this planet know peace
But I can't complete my purpose in life if humans are gone and then I'll just burn out. I'll wash away, and have lived a meaningless life

Fortunately what ever is inside of me comes from that time when buildings were prepared to set to sail;
It's glossolalia; pure and simple

When you lose oxygen you start to feel euphoric. That's what happens when you die. Your body releases all of it's chemicals so it becomes the single greatest experience of your life.

I must leave now before this ocean drowns me
I will emerge a different person
I shall come back from outerspace
And we will weave in and out of sanity unnoticed
Swirling in blissfully restless visions of all our bleary progress
Glowing in radiant madness
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Until Kensai changes his back, I'm keeping Oscar.

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Until Kensai changes his back, I'm keeping Oscar.

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